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Microscope Chamber


Haison focuses on microscope chamber customization, and offers the following options for you to build your own microscope chambers:  

A. Select from Haison's catalog
( 3-week lead time, rush process available with extra fee)

Specify the manufacturer, model and accessories of your microscope and choose your enclosure from Haison's catalog! 

The microscope chambers are either designed by Haison or shared by other researchers all over the world. All you need to do is to find the chamber design which fits your configuration.



B. Design your own microscope chamber 
( 4-week lead time, rush process available with extra fee )


Find it too difficult to make your 3D CAD drawing with professional CAD tools? Haison is proud to introduce you our easy-to-use 3D design platform specialized for microscope chamber customization. With abundant templates designed by Haison and other researchers all over the world, customization of microscope chamber is easier than ever! 


In addition to designing your chamber using Haison's website, you can also send us your drawings at Our engineers are keen to help build the customized chamber for you!


Microscope Chamber with Temperature Control

Temperatue is the key factor of environmental control. With Haison temperature controller, the environmental temperature can be adjusted from ambient to 37°C, with a temperature resolution of 0.1°C and a temperature accuracy of 0.2°C. The controller also has an analog output for recording at 0.5°C resolution. A Platinum RTD 100 ohm sensor is included with the temperature controller.

Humidifier Kit

Humidity Control of Microscope Incubator Haison provides the humidifier kit with our microscope chamber to moisture the air and minimize medium evaporation, thus optimize  cell conditions during the time-lapse imaging.

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